Tuesday, 3 January 2017

Painters Pilgrimage!

Welcome back and Happy New Year to all!

2016 was a bit of crazy year for me and its looking like 2017 might be going the same way, however, I've made a resolution with myself to make more time for painting and hobby in general.

I have a lot in the pipeline and have been royally spoilt over Christmas so lots of new goodies to get started on.

My big news, however, is I recently visited the mecca of hobby; Games Workshop's Warhammer World! I'm not going to lie, I felt like a kid again and was probably more excited than an adult should be but what the hell!

I've wanted to visit Warhammer World since I was a teenager and it did not disappoint. You may be reading this and thinking, "I don't collect Games Workshop miniatures so why would I bother going?".

If you collect and paint miniatures of any kind this is not to be missed. The dioramas and displays are breath-taking and the time and effort gone into each is phenomenal. No matter where you look there's a personal battle going on, its like where's wally on a huge scale, except wally is everywhere!

Whether you are a fan of Fantasy, Age of Sigmar or 40k there is plenty here for everyone. I've come away wanting to start so many different armies, feeling very inspired and motivated to get on with models I have (and the new ones I just bought...shhh).

It wouldn't be complete, of course, without visiting Bugman's Bar! Where I picked up the two exclusive Joseph Bugman miniatures for my collection.

I'm not going to deny, I'm a huge Games Workshop fan and have been since I was young. Over the last year it has been fantastic to see the company change and extremely exciting with where they are taking, not only the company, the hobby as a whole with live streams, community interaction and open communication. 

For more pictures, visit my Instagram @mumblingsofwar (link in the sidebar). Thanks for reading and I wish you all a great 2017!